Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Everyone...I'd like to introduce Smudge. We adopted her from a rescue on 9.20.14 exactly 4 months after Maddy passed.

As much as I miss and still grieve for Maddy...I know she would want me to be happy. The two of them are completely opposite and if Maddy were still alive I could totally see her bullying Smudge hahaha. Maddy, I love and miss you dearly...


  1. "You! Go adopt my human!"
    "Buh.. wha?"
    "Are you hard of hearing? Your ears sure are big enough! Go! My human needs a rabbit!"
    "Well.. okay?"
    "Good! Don't make me come down there!"

    .. Maddy wasn't bossy, she was just organizational. :)

    Smudge is a darling, I love the nose marking! :)

  2. Beautiful bunny! Name is perfect.

  3. Oh wow she's gorgeous,you will always miss Maddy,but you're right she would want you to be happy and it does get easier to live with too.Enjoy Smudge Megan,xx Rachel