Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy as a bunny...

Will it ever slow down??? Hello everyone, sorry I've been missing for awhile..the commuting is ongoing, but hopefully next week it will slow down. They have hired a new nurse to fill that position, I guess paying my mileage wasn't worth it anymore hehehe. The extra $$$ was nice while it lasted. Anywhooo, nothing much going on here...all of your fluffy faced, feathery winged, and cold scaled friends are doing great!!! Maddy now has her own room, but still sneaks into mine and somehow makes both rooms a mess. LOL for the most part she is PRETTY good about using her litter box..on good days haha. Last weekend, my friends got married! Proud to say that i was the one who introduced them, The wedding was beautiful...and they looked like the two happiest people on the face of the are a few photos from that day:

My friend Julie, Natalie the bride, and I (Idk why i look so tanned lol)

The bride and i having some fun in the photobooth LOLLL

Enough about me!!!! Where is Maddy you ask??? She's busy chasing cats!!! Hope you all enjoy! Have a great weekend! Oh and for all you smartphone (iphone/android) users...look for me on Instagram, username: m@ygon3

Friday, June 15, 2012


Since my mom is lazy here I am, MADDY! I don't really know what she was talking about..something about being tired and commuting..blahblah whatever "commuting" is, I don't think she enjoys how I am with washing my feet! Yesterday mom soaked my feet in the sink because I stepped in wet poo..she said it wouldn't hurt BUT she didn't say that I would have to get my feet wet! THE NERVE! Of course, being the bunny I am, I flipped out so she would take me out hehehe. easily manipulated. Anywhoooo, I just wated to let you guys know that eveything is fine and dandy here. The weather has been HOT..but mom let's me lay next to frozen water bottles and she wets the back of my ears to keep me cool. Have you guys been able to check out my friend Speedy's blog? His mum (in my best English accent) is giving away two very fashionable scarves. I, of course, loovveee the pink one but mom said that I shouldn't be so greedy and to give others a chance...pshhh. SO, with that being said..if you haven't entered the give-away, go check out Speedy's blog and do it!!! I'm gonna go hide under the pillow on the couch now..hehe I like hiding from mom, the look on her face when she starts to freak out is soOoo funny. Toodles my friends!

You can have your own scarf like me compliments of Speedy and his mom!

This is how not to wear your Speedy the fashion police!

I love my mom..even if she washes my feet, cuts my nails, and rips my fur out with that evil brush!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to sleep in!

Hello all, yesterday was my first day off in 8 days commuting and I sure did take the time to snooze :) Today has been great so far.. just me and my little loves hanging out until Kayser (the bf) gets off of work. Living in a house full of companion creatures is great! You get to learn a lot of different things about each one..personalities..bad habits..and so on and so forth. They put some of the biggest smiles on my face and worry me like no other (like when Maddy had fleas). My parents have also fallen in love with each of them just as I have. Thank you all for sharing in a part of our lives, as I do enjoy writing here and giving you all a glimpse into our world. Keep reading! :) Until next all take care!

This is Maddy's favorite couch..very unassuming right? Do you see that pillow on top?

This is what lurks beneath that pillow. HAHAHA! I looked all over the house for her. Too bad rabbits can't talk..and look at her little foot hehe.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A little clip..

Here is Maddy going crazy when I call her name hahaha..cracks me up everytime I watch this :) Enjoy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Greetings everyone, so sorry for the delay in between posts...I have been commuting for work still, and it has been a very draining 2 weeks. My boss has assured me that my schedule will not be as hectic next week. There hasn't been that much excitement around the house, but with that being said I've snapped just a few pictures to show all of you. I'm sure everyone loves Maddy as much as I do hehe...and if you don't, I'm sure she will demand your heart! hahaha. Take care my friends..more to come soon :)

Here she is on the couch in her favorite about couch potato lol

Maddy with Ben and Ceelo in the back...she loves watching them go crazy

Baby Marty

Marty now..I have to be careful next time because he bit my finger after this photo.