Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rest in peace Rambo

For all of you who have been wondering where Maddy and I have been..we have a cinfession to make, we've been cheating on blogger with instagram! I guess its just quicker to share a picture, especially of you're always on your phone tapping away like me.

On instagram we found a very special account to follow. if you type in @bunnymama you will find thousands of pictures of Eddy and Rambo bunny. They are both rescues who are very much loved and spoiled by their parents in Canada. They have accuired quite a following also..last time i dared to check they had over 300k + fans!

Sad to say that Rambo, wasn't always healthy. He was adopted as a special needs bunny and had a previous stroke and was blind out of one eye. That never stopped him from being  such an amazing little dude. He advocated for shelter rabbits everywhere...and brought attention to rabbit welfare. Recently, he suffered another stroke and on top of it was afflicted with head tilt. He fought until the very end..such a strong sweet spirit. I loved him so very much..and i feel such a big loss from such a tiny being.

If you would like to check out more photos..just google eddy and rambo bunny. Ill have to get the links to their blogger, fb, and store (if you'd like to buy a shirt) at a later in the midst of sweeping maddy poop. sorry for the lack of proper capitalization..or english for that typing from my phone and just had to release the sadness i feel.

Rest in Peace Rambo..the world wont be the same without you little buddy.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hi every one! We're still alive! great news..maddy was hrs bunny of the day yesterday!

check it out here:meet maddy!

Sorry this is quick, but maddy is doing well. We had her last follow up at the end of october and she is officially in the clear! her xray showed that everything was back to normal. i am so proud of her! much love to you and yours friends!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Engagement pictures!

Kayser and I brought Maddy along for our engagement shoot. Here is her big modeling debut

Saturday, September 14, 2013

In the words of another famous rabbit....

I'm late..I'm late!!! For a very important date!!!!

YARGGGGHHH MATEY! SHIVER ME TIMBERS...better late than none at all yee hear!!! hehehe..hope they saved me some drinks!!!!

cheers to our recovery speedy!!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

*AHEM* I'm talking to you!!!

Hey, you there..down here!!! Speedy is having a pirate party and ya better be there or i'll make you walk the plank...*serious face*

Btw, the butcher ermmm i mean vet says I'm doing great. I went from 2.2lbs to 3.01lbs...take that dumb abscess! Thanks for rooting for to find an outfit for the party. yaaaarrrrrrrgggggggg *feet flicks*

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Look at those little feetsies hehe. sorry for the lack of updates, but maddy is doing spectacular! pee, poop, eating well! she has a follow up appointment on Friday so hopefully we will have more good news to tell you then! im hoping she gained some weight :)...until then my friends..kiss your bunnies for us!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two words from Maddy..

Thank you ♥

This was the first picture I took of her a few minutes after I brought her home, before my phone died and before I passed out on my bed from sheer utter exhaustion...if you look closely, shes smiling :) She is where she belongs, happy, on the road to recovery, and by the grace of God...alive, so very alive...

I forgot to mention that everyone at the vet office was sad to see her go. I mentioned the fact that i was so scared of losing her and one of the ladies said, "honey, we all thought she didn't have a chance...but we didn't tell you that. you've got yourself one special bunny..she went through A LOT of anesthesia."

Dr. Ayres told me he stopped by the clinic at 10pm that night to give her more fluids..and that the vet tech he operated eith stopped by in the morning to check on her also. Both alsoin shock of this bunny who beat the odds...that's my girl. never give up...never surrender! I gave her the antibiotics this mrning before I left work without a bunny burrito, she just slurped it right out of the syringe...i'm in my room right now typing this from my phone...and i think I just heard a lion roar..a lion named Maddy. I'm as proud as proud can be.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heart of a lion..

So the Dr. Ayres told me to give him a call at 9:30am today...I couldn't wait, the office opens at 8:00am..I called at 8:06 and spoke with the front desk. The conversation went something like this..."Hi, my name is Megan, and my bunny had surgery yesterday. I know the doc told me to call at 9:30, but I am so anxious...*pause* there's no nice way to put she still alive?" (longest pause of my life) Receptionist: "Yes honey, I was just talking to her and she's eating her breakfast right now." Me:*silently squeals*

Be still, my heart!!!

9:13am: Dr. Ayres calls and tells me that I can come pick her up at any time. He is clear that she isn't out of the woods yet, but he wants to send her home because she will recover faster and better.

1:38pm: I anxiously wait in the lobby at the vet office as they look for her chart so the doc can talk to me. The same receptionist brings Maddy out in her carrier. She sets her down and opens the top for me...I say, "Hi Maddy!" and the most perfect ball of fluff pokes her head out to look at me. I swear she was smiling. I could have died with a happy heart.

1:56pm: We get home and I put Maddy in the room I have prepared for her. She can't even wait and jumps out of her carrier and eats some hay. "Look what I can do mom!" Did I mention she's pooping? Eating...pooping...and SO FULL OF LIFE. This little miracle Frankenstein little love. The next few days..and for the rest of my life I will be fussing over her. Bunnies have some sort of brainwashing power lol.

Sorry no pictures phone is dead at the moment!

once again, thank you heart is so full of love.


Monday, August 26, 2013

"she went through hell"

Just got off the phone with Dr. Ayres...he said Maddy is awake, and looking around. He tried giving her the greens i packed, but she hasnt eaten yet..but who can blame her? his exact words were, "it doesnt surprise me that shes not eating yet she went through hell with that surgery.." wow, he went on to say that rather than forcing it out of a small hole and risking pus leaking into her abdominal cavity that instead he made a big incision from her chest to her pelvis area. he also said that he doesnt know how she lived with it..or how shes even alive now but that she's a strong little bunny. she's not out of the woods yet and the next day is very crucial..he said to call back in the morning and if shes still around we can talk about taking her home. i love his pessimistic optimism lol. one thing i know for sure is that having a rabbit is not for the feint of heart...i think i might have almost passed out a couple times haha.

keep praying♥

thank you thank you thank you all...nothing i could ever say or do could ever repay each and every one of you for being there for me and my little frankenstein lion. love to you all..


Date with destiny..

Today was the big day! Last night Maddy was really active, she jumped out of her litter box and laid by the treadmill for awhile. She even ate some hay. The antibiotics must have done a little magic because she was looking quite miserable before. As I mentioned, she was drinking water on her own and even took her critical care without me forcing it down. What a good girl...

Woke up early this morning and packed her hay, cilantro/parsley, and pellets. I dropped her off at exactly 8:30am.

11:42am- Received a call from Dr. Ayres saying that Maddy was already under anesthesia and that she was being prepped for surgery. They were shaving her belly as we spoke. He told me he'd give me a call within the next 30min.

12:07pm- Doc called back and said that he is dealing with a HUGE abscess. That the good news is that it wasn't a tumor because there would be no hope if it was. "Megan, we've got a shot at it...I'm dissecting it piece by piece carefully because it does involve some of her other organs. It is very much touch and go, but I'm doing everything I can. Good news is that it isn't affecting her intestines and looks like a lymph node got infected and it just grew from there...I'll call you back when I'm done."

12:36p- The abscess is out!!! Dr. Ayres said that all  of her organs were not invaided by it and that the abscess was kind of walled off to itself...he said he was very careful to peel it away without rupturing anything. For the next 24-48 hours is still very touch and go. She's been given fluids to wash some of the anesthesia out. He said he tried to keep it as light as possible, but it did involve a lot..and that the surgery was MAJOR. I am to call back at 4:30pm for a progress report.



Sunday, August 25, 2013

i almost shit myself (please excuse my language)

i left a couple pellets out for maddy on top of a napkin on the off chance she would want any...i swear if i didnt see it myself i wouldnt believe it. the little brat ate about 3-5 and then laid back down in her litter box. God is so good..and that is just the sign i needed. i know she'll be alright. Everyone, please keep doing what you all are doing because maddy is feeling the love and prayers right now. also, keep dr. ayres in your prayers too so that God's hands may guide him as he cares for little miss maddy. we'll see ya in the morning...again thank you all for being here with me. i dont feel alone...


waiting game...

Hello everyone. I'm at work so I have a bit of time to myself to update you all. There isn't really much of a change in Maddy's condition. She is peeing and it is quite clear, I attributed that to all the fluids I've been pushing. She even will drink from the teeniest syringe I have without me forcing her. I have mixed feelings about that..I'm happy she is willing to drink, but kinda sad that she is so thirsty and can't do anything about it without my help. I leave the crock out for her full of fresh water but she seems too weak to even get out of her litter box where she's been hanging out for the last day. She just can't seem to get comfortable..always fidgeting about. Through all of this she hasn't had any teeth grinding at all. The loss of weight and that bulge inside is just making her quite uncomfortable. One good thing I can say is, the poops look bigger and rounder...and the pee is flowing...

She is being kept warm in a quiet area of the house. I go bother her to give her the syringe feedings and some love. She's such a good girl, I know she wants to eat and drink on her own but she just feels so icky.  I miss my chubby girl. She weighed in on Friday at 3.09lbs bones and all. Brandi, I read your comment late last night so I wasn't able to get to the store. I will try your organic pumpkin suggestion today. I will try anything at this point...

Tomorrow is the big day and I have a confession to make. I am so scared.I the fear of the unknown!!! What if this, and what if that...and I KNOW i shouldn't get ahead of myself..but vets and human doctors alike give you the worst case scenario first.. and I feel guilty for even thinking WHAT IF? I try not think or talk about it so I won't give it any power..but ugh...this is my baby we are talking about. I am 27 years old, no human children..only my rabbit. I'd be lying if I said she's not all I'm thinking about every second I'm away from her..I'm trying not to cry as I type this because my patients would look at me weird lol. Is it selfish to think about myself? I'm a nurse as a living..and I can't even take care of my own child, and here I am taking care of people who just squander their lives away with drugs and alcohol. Sorry, it's just all rambling right now. I've probably had 3 hours of good sleep since Thursday. Excuse my psychotic behavior lol.

Maddy is NOT just a rabbit, she is my fuzzy daughter. She is the reason I laugh, the source of my tears (these days). I've always been an animal lover, I thought I was a dog person..until Maddy hopped into my heart. I owe the way I live my life to her..I stopped eating meat, I started a monthly donation to our local chapter of HRS. I have been OVERWHELMED with all the kindness we have been showed at this stressful time..I promise all of you that I have read every single word maybe 2, 9, even 5 million times over and over again. We definitely feel all the love and I know God hears us. This experience is all so humbling, and it is SO comforting that I don't have to go through it alone because of all of you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for loving Maddy, thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, positive vibes, well wishes, but most of all..THANK YOU for just being you (yes you, reading this) for caring enough to care about a girl and her rabbit.  I hope you will all be blessed a thousand fold.

Monday, we're coming for you....


Saturday, August 24, 2013


i left for work this morning with a heavy pee or poop the whole day yesterday. the vet didnt open again till 8am. it was 8:01 when I called the first vet ad updated him on maddy's condition and my concern of the lack of waste products. he advised me to keep up with thr critical care feedings and that it was the mass pressing on everything that's making it hard for maddy to push out everything that needs to get out. the 2nd vet called at 8:51 and told me the same and that the critical care is being absorbed by her body because its so desperately clinging onto any nutrition it can get...just great. i was heartbroken..every bunny mama knows that no pee or poo is a bad sign...

So i came home from work with a heavy heart...

That's when Maddy surprised me. There were pee stains on the white napkins i left to line her litter box..and there was poop..miss shaped beautiful poops. i could have cried tears ofjoy and a million golden poops could have fallen from the sky hahaha. our girl is a fighter...and she wont go down without a fight. im sure she feels all the love and positive engery around her, so keep it coming....the vet says from the look of the xrays her gi system is clear but that mass is pushing it to the side putting pressure on every organ it its hard for her to push those doots out...but she did it. my maddy is a fighter and i will fight for her..and fight with her :)


Friday, August 23, 2013


nothing but bad news..i wish i had something good to tell you all. maddy was running a fever of 104..the dr. took out some of the fluid inside using a small needle and exxamined it under a microscope. it turned out to be pus and bacteria. from there he gave her some subcutaneous fluids, and antibiotics. he gave me the worst case scenario, that if he does the surgery and nothing can be done then the best option would be to put her to sleep..of he opens her up and there is something he can do then he will do everuthing he can to fix it..we scheduled the surgery for the next available date which unfortunately isnt until monday. i hate having ti wait that long since i want whatever it is fixed...but on the other habd..its good that i get to spend some time with my girl in case the unthinkable happens..which is not an option for me at this moment. im looking at her right now and shes taking a few small sips of water if i kniw anything, i know my girl is a fighter and if she doesnt already know how much i love her then she will figure it out this weekend. im just so sorry i didnt notice anything sooner. please please please keep her in your thoughts and prayers..and maybe say a prayer for me too because im trying to be strong, but im not too good at hiding my emotions (crying like a waterfall in front of the vet lol) i love you all and without your support i dont know what id do. sorry for all the spelling erros, i cant see anything between my tears..


not really an update..

I stayed up with Maddy giving her critical care and she fought me all the way. Our regular vet said that it wasn't a blockage..the GI system has slowed due to being "squashed" in the corner by whatever that big mass is. The mass he said looks to be like it is fluid, and asked me if she has peed because it may have something to do with her bladder. She normally pees on car rides and yesterday she didn't. I'm going to demand that we be seen today so I'll let you all know. Her poop has been coming out still smaller and size, but a little watery and stuck to her booty.

I've been massaging her and have given her some simethicone. She looks like she has perked up a bit. Went to go grab some pizza last night to cheer me up and my mom said she took a few bites of hay. I know my girl is trying to get better, but that damn thing is HUGE. Keep her in your thoughts...

Thanks to Brandi, Jade, Rachel, and Speedy...the support means more to me than you'll ever know. I'm hysterical...

Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Here is one of Maddy's xrays. It's pretty obvious that huge mass isnt supposed to be there. our vet said it looks as if it is fluid. since he has never seen anything like it, we have been referred to a specialist but they are closed at the moment. ugh. ill give them another call in the morning. i wish i had better news for you all..she took a few bites of hay and quietly layed down. she looks so miserable i feel like a horrible mother...i cried the whole way home. please please please please keep her in your so scared and upset. ill try and update as information becomes available. for now i will continue with critical care feedings and trying to keep her as comfortable as possible...i want that thing gone!!!


my poor girl

Maddy is suffering again again from tummy troubles. All the things i did the last time are not working. i stayed up with her all night syringing her critical care and she pooped out these tiny hard pebbles. she looks so sad and uncomfortable it breaks my heart. i couldnt wait to get off work today, unfortunately nothing has changed..we have a vet appointment in less than an hour. wish our girl luck..she has lost a considerable amount of weight since i can actually feel and see her spine. all the fur was masking it until now. i am in hysterics, but will remain calm...for now. please anyone and everyone, join me in sending maddy some healing vibes and sending a prayer out to whom ever you pray to. thank you...will try to update as soon as anything comes up.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's catch up!

I am infamous for never updating! May has been a busy month thus far..and here's why!

May 3- One year till I get married! ahhhh

Here's a random reminder from Maddy
May 4th- Kayser's sister's baby shower. It's a girl! She's due May 29th, so she is ready to pop at any minute! The baby shower was fun and a successs..unfortunately I suck at games and never win any prizes. Blah...

May 6- I celebrated my 27th Birthday! If you have ever read some of my previous posts then you may/may not know I love 3 things so much..1.Maddy 2.the beach and 3. pizza..happy to say that I celebrated with all 3! Kayser took me on an adventure down the coast line to Big Sur..back to bixby bridge, the purple sand beach, we added mcway falls to the list..with a stop at point lobos park and Pizza in Monterey! once back at home I spent the rest of my day with Maddy..of course she ignored me but what's new! hahaha..Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment :)

That is the waterfall behind me..

It's too bad we couldn't get closer..
Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

Out of more of McWay Falls

One of the trails at Point Lobos

Panoramic view of Point Lobos of the many views
May 12th- Mother's Day! Headed to work in the morning. Spent the rest of my day with my mom, who if I haven't my ultimate best friend in life. I cooked her a pasta dinner which she enjoyed as it is way to busy to go to the buffet like she initially requested then recanted hahaha.
Those are pretty much the highlights of my month...The rest are just spent working and freaking out about wedding stuff that is too boring to list LOL. I hope all is well with all of you. Sorry for the lack of pictures of Maddy..I'll make up for it soon.
Funny story of the day..
I suffer from horrible allergies. Once they start, there's no way to make them stop other than taking Benadryl. If I have to go to work then I just have to tough it out since Benadryl will knock me out for a couple of hours. So I was suffering in the middle of the night and just plugged my nose with some tissue and continued sleeping. The tissue must have fallen because it was on the floor when I woke up. Maddy was up, doing her morning rounds and she stopped in front of the tissue and gave me a weird look. I said, "Oh no you don't.." and both of us lunged for the tissue. She was too was in her mouth and there I was chasing this ball of fluff around my room trying to get this tissue out of her mouth. Naughty girl hahaha. Did I mention I was almost late to work because of that? :)
Take care friends!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Trick or Treat..just give me the treat dangit!

so here's a little video of some tricks Maddy can do...(if she feels like it). What a cutie! Now if Jingle would listen to me..that dog is crazy!!! I am an insomniac, hence the late post..and i spend a lot of time on youtube and one night i ended up on a video on clicker training for rabbits. After trying just a handfull of times, Maddy caught on super quick, smart little fluff! As I said, she only does her tricks IF she is in the right mood and IF she can be persuaded by a treat..otherwise forget it! Don't mind my fat leg at the end of the video..haha. Also, I am posting this from my phone so hopefully it works! -M

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A million thanks!

Howdy! Mom is cleaning the stinky chinchilla cage so I thought I'd hop on and say thank you! to you, you, you, and YOU SPEEDY (and to your mum)..hehe! My 2nd gotcha day was very special filled with my very special humans! I got all kinds of attention! My mom wouldnt leave me alone, what a weirdo! She doesnt know about the bunny party...and everyone forgot to clean their poops up so I had to take the blame for that. Didn't want her to get too suspicious. I think I replied to all the comments from Speedy's blog..and to all of you who left a comment here I have read them and this post is for all of you. Thank you so much for being a part of my special sure know how to spoil a girl ♥♥♥♥


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day!!!!

Happy Gotcha Day to my little love! I've been blessed with 2 yrs of the most wonderful times. Most nights we quietly hang out together on the floor of my room and I laugh to myself because I love her so much. If I feel this way about her then I will be in deep trouble if i ever have a human child. Maddy has given me something to look forward to, a silent constant companionship, and as silly as it sounds opened my heart to new things. In the two years I gave up eating meat, and try to live my life as cruelty free as possible. All thanks to this little fluffy girl..I wish us many more years together and if possible many years flea of fleas (that was a horrendous experience for her and my skin). Thank you to all who read our blog and have opened their hearts to Maddy also. Today calls for a celebration..everyone is invited!!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're still alive!!!

maddy hating the outdoors..shs just sat on my bag instead of exploring.

somebun didn't want to get her feet dirty, so she stayed in one place haha

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just another day...

at the zoo!!!

Neneng, my mom's cat...that loves my dad more hahaha. She's weird..she loves dogs, stays in our yard, and cries when she can't get down from high places LOL.

My little sleepy girl..she found a new napping spot, where she can barely fit! hahaha

Maddy counting down the seconds to 2013..she hated the hat, and let me know my peeing on the couch. Great way to start the year LOL

This was taken like right now..the single leg flop. Those are her favorite toys, the activity set..and her pillow pet which she grooms like it was a real cow.

Ben and Ceelo! Sorry can't flip this one around for some reason. Ceelo in the back trying to get some chubby boy!

Maddy no eyes and her favorite birdy..budgie!
Little Jingle Bell has settled in quite well..he loves his big bro Harry and loves all animals..I saw him watching a stray cat eat his food. Not one bark from the little guy..He's happy to have a home.

Harry the elf who won't let me take that shirt off because he loves it..and Jingle..trying to mess with the dog next door. You can see her poking her nose throught the fence haha
Happy New Year to you and yours..Hope you enjoyed the pictures and as always, take care my friends!