Saturday, August 24, 2013


i left for work this morning with a heavy pee or poop the whole day yesterday. the vet didnt open again till 8am. it was 8:01 when I called the first vet ad updated him on maddy's condition and my concern of the lack of waste products. he advised me to keep up with thr critical care feedings and that it was the mass pressing on everything that's making it hard for maddy to push out everything that needs to get out. the 2nd vet called at 8:51 and told me the same and that the critical care is being absorbed by her body because its so desperately clinging onto any nutrition it can get...just great. i was heartbroken..every bunny mama knows that no pee or poo is a bad sign...

So i came home from work with a heavy heart...

That's when Maddy surprised me. There were pee stains on the white napkins i left to line her litter box..and there was poop..miss shaped beautiful poops. i could have cried tears ofjoy and a million golden poops could have fallen from the sky hahaha. our girl is a fighter...and she wont go down without a fight. im sure she feels all the love and positive engery around her, so keep it coming....the vet says from the look of the xrays her gi system is clear but that mass is pushing it to the side putting pressure on every organ it its hard for her to push those doots out...but she did it. my maddy is a fighter and i will fight for her..and fight with her :)



  1. Praise God! I am keeping up my prayers for her and you and I am thinking of her constantly! Love love love the doots! And I am not convinced there is a mass there at all. I think what they are seeing is a big ass blob of fluid and gas. I do understand the puss and bacteria, because that is what is going to happen with ileus. I am going to get bolder and ask God to make her so well that she will NOT NEED surgery at all, that the next x-ray they take will look gorgeous. DO NOT LET THEM CUTE HER OPEN WITHOUT ANOTHER X-RAY!

  2. That's my girl keep fighting for me,we have big party to.My pirate party and you got to be there,snuggles xx Speedy

  3. Yay for poops! Go, Megan, go! Continued good thoughts for continued progress!

  4. Now, go and get a few cans of organic pumpkin puree and mix her critical care with that and a little extra virgin olive oil.

    1.Heat some water in the microwave. Hot Hot Hot. It's ok, you will be adding stuff to cool it.

    2. Crush up a few pellets.

    3. Add hot hot water to pellets to turn them into mush.

    4. Add canned pumpkin to make a nice thinnish "soup"

    5. Add critical care to thicken it up a bit, like porridge.

    6. Drizzle just a few drops of xtra virgin olive oil to the whole mix and stir it well.

    6. See how much she will eat on her own. The pumpkin should tempt her, if not, syringe feed her.

    7. NO SUGARS!!!! NO FRUIT, NO VEGGIES, NO JUICES!!!!!! Her gut flora is out of balance and the only sugars she should be getting right now should be whatever is in the pumpkin, which is Rabbit Miracle Food!

    8. Keep "upping" the pumpkin every six hours or so. She will eventually eat it on her own. Rabbits cannot resist pumpkin.

  5. Oh Megan I'll take any good news for Maddy right now,I knew she was a fighter,we will still keep you both in our prayers,keep fighting baby girl,xx Rachel and Speedy

  6. Yay, Maddy! You keep pushing those lovely little poopies and pee out. :)

  7. Yay! Keep it up, Maddy. And Meagan, too. Praying for a good outcome

  8. "Don't stop poopin'" to the tune of 'Don't Stop Believin'' now #1 on the hit charts. ((Hugs to you both))

    She's just radiating right disapproval in that pic! (And its wonderful to see)

  9. Great news that Maddy peed and pooped! Keep strong little girl!

  10. Way to go Little One. We are rooting for you. God Bless.