Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rest in peace Rambo

For all of you who have been wondering where Maddy and I have been..we have a cinfession to make, we've been cheating on blogger with instagram! I guess its just quicker to share a picture, especially of you're always on your phone tapping away like me.

On instagram we found a very special account to follow. if you type in @bunnymama you will find thousands of pictures of Eddy and Rambo bunny. They are both rescues who are very much loved and spoiled by their parents in Canada. They have accuired quite a following also..last time i dared to check they had over 300k + fans!

Sad to say that Rambo, wasn't always healthy. He was adopted as a special needs bunny and had a previous stroke and was blind out of one eye. That never stopped him from being  such an amazing little dude. He advocated for shelter rabbits everywhere...and brought attention to rabbit welfare. Recently, he suffered another stroke and on top of it was afflicted with head tilt. He fought until the very end..such a strong sweet spirit. I loved him so very much..and i feel such a big loss from such a tiny being.

If you would like to check out more photos..just google eddy and rambo bunny. Ill have to get the links to their blogger, fb, and store (if you'd like to buy a shirt) at a later in the midst of sweeping maddy poop. sorry for the lack of proper capitalization..or english for that typing from my phone and just had to release the sadness i feel.

Rest in Peace Rambo..the world wont be the same without you little buddy.