Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An update...FINALLY! (Warning: This is a long one!)

Okokokok apologies my dear readers, life often gets in the way of blogging! Here I am lounging around after work watching the US women's volleyball team at the olympics..my eyes are heavy so I don't even really know what is going on. Maddy is on the couch next to me with her little foot on the armrest..who does that? Apparently..Maddy does. Such a small footsie demanding a whole arm rest...don't believe me???

SEE!? That little floofy white thing? THAT's her footsie...hahaha

From another angle..she's ready to shoot me with her laser eyes..eeek she took a lesson from hell raiser Speedy! :)

As most of you are animal lovers, specifically rabbit lovers..I'm sure you, like me, find  yourself google-ing cute rabbit accessories and things of that sort. Well, I am happy to share with you something I discovered! Upon browsing the web, and Etsy...I found this awesome jewelery maker based out of Seattle, WA. Her name is Katrina..she makes awesome jewelery pieces  and the best part is...SHE HAS SOME WITH RABBITS! YEEEE!!! Here is the necklace that I purchased from her etsy shop...

Isn't it just so awesome?

With that being said, shipping was fast..communication between buyer and seller was great..and she even mentioned that she understood my obsession with bunnies since she had her own whom she was blessed with for 7.5 yrs before she had to go hop on over the rainbow bridge..Being a satisfied customer.. I just HAD to tell you all about her. PLEASE visit her Etsy shop HERE ...and if you decide to order, tell her Maddy&Megan sent ya! :)

Back to the land of humans..I am pleased to tell you all that I did my first 5k run!!! okokok maybe I jogged and walked, but WOW I did it!! The run was amazing..."The Color Run" in our beautiful state capital, Sacramento..If you haven't heard of The Color Run, it's been dubbed "the happiest 5k on the planet!" I can vouch for that.. at 4 points during the 5k the runners are bombed with different colors. Sensory overload!!! How does this work? Volunteers throw colored powder at you as you make your way through the course..I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it was. There were over 15,000 participants!

The blue station! My favorite!

Here I was after the color festival where everyone was given a packet to throw in the air at the end of the run at the color festival :)..I remind myself of the hulk hahaha

To see if The Color Run will be in a city near you soon..Check out their website HERE!!!
If you ever participate, it will not dissappoint!

Anywhoooo, that's been going on in my world! I'd love to hear from you my friends..I'm sure Maddy would love to also! Here are some random pictures from this week, Enjoy!

"Easter eggs? Mom, it's AUGUST!!!! pfffftttt"

"Ahhh relaxinggg"

Here's a painting I started of  Maddy..not finished yet.

Hope all of you have a great Tuesday and rest of the week!!!

As always, take care of yourselves and your bunnys!