Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's catch up!

I am infamous for never updating! May has been a busy month thus far..and here's why!

May 3- One year till I get married! ahhhh

Here's a random reminder from Maddy
May 4th- Kayser's sister's baby shower. It's a girl! She's due May 29th, so she is ready to pop at any minute! The baby shower was fun and a successs..unfortunately I suck at games and never win any prizes. Blah...

May 6- I celebrated my 27th Birthday! If you have ever read some of my previous posts then you may/may not know I love 3 things so much..1.Maddy 2.the beach and 3. pizza..happy to say that I celebrated with all 3! Kayser took me on an adventure down the coast line to Big Sur..back to bixby bridge, the purple sand beach, we added mcway falls to the list..with a stop at point lobos park and Pizza in Monterey! once back at home I spent the rest of my day with Maddy..of course she ignored me but what's new! hahaha..Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment :)

That is the waterfall behind me..

It's too bad we couldn't get closer..
Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

Out of more of McWay Falls

One of the trails at Point Lobos

Panoramic view of Point Lobos of the many views
May 12th- Mother's Day! Headed to work in the morning. Spent the rest of my day with my mom, who if I haven't my ultimate best friend in life. I cooked her a pasta dinner which she enjoyed as it is way to busy to go to the buffet like she initially requested then recanted hahaha.
Those are pretty much the highlights of my month...The rest are just spent working and freaking out about wedding stuff that is too boring to list LOL. I hope all is well with all of you. Sorry for the lack of pictures of Maddy..I'll make up for it soon.
Funny story of the day..
I suffer from horrible allergies. Once they start, there's no way to make them stop other than taking Benadryl. If I have to go to work then I just have to tough it out since Benadryl will knock me out for a couple of hours. So I was suffering in the middle of the night and just plugged my nose with some tissue and continued sleeping. The tissue must have fallen because it was on the floor when I woke up. Maddy was up, doing her morning rounds and she stopped in front of the tissue and gave me a weird look. I said, "Oh no you don't.." and both of us lunged for the tissue. She was too was in her mouth and there I was chasing this ball of fluff around my room trying to get this tissue out of her mouth. Naughty girl hahaha. Did I mention I was almost late to work because of that? :)
Take care friends!