Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just another day...

at the zoo!!!

Neneng, my mom's cat...that loves my dad more hahaha. She's weird..she loves dogs, stays in our yard, and cries when she can't get down from high places LOL.

My little sleepy girl..she found a new napping spot, where she can barely fit! hahaha

Maddy counting down the seconds to 2013..she hated the hat, and let me know my peeing on the couch. Great way to start the year LOL

This was taken like right now..the single leg flop. Those are her favorite toys, the activity set..and her pillow pet which she grooms like it was a real cow.

Ben and Ceelo! Sorry can't flip this one around for some reason. Ceelo in the back trying to get some chubby boy!

Maddy no eyes and her favorite birdy..budgie!
Little Jingle Bell has settled in quite well..he loves his big bro Harry and loves all animals..I saw him watching a stray cat eat his food. Not one bark from the little guy..He's happy to have a home.

Harry the elf who won't let me take that shirt off because he loves it..and Jingle..trying to mess with the dog next door. You can see her poking her nose throught the fence haha
Happy New Year to you and yours..Hope you enjoyed the pictures and as always, take care my friends!