Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello everyone, sorry I've been missing for awhile..I've been busy at work. My job had me commuting back and forth to a clinic 1.5 hrs away from home for the duration that I was missing. Did I mention work starts at 0445? So I must leave my house at 0345 to make it on time..Going to sleep late and waking up early really wiped me out. Maddy, of course, just thinks I'm lazy lol. Here's a little video I put to gether with a random "sample song" that was pre-loaded onto my lap top. Most of the pictures have been featured in previous posts, but I hope you all don't mind seeing them again.

Until the next time my friends!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Enough of this work week!!

Here's to the weekend!!! Or does Maddy mean REAR-end? Lol, you decide hahaha. Hope its full of fun, rest, & relaxation folks :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winner, winner..veggie dinner?!!

A couple of days ago I posted about a certain, "Flat Bonnie." This cute little flat plushie celebrated her first birthday in March and her care taker/ maker decided to have a photo contest to honor it! Basically the contest ran from the end of March to mid April and those with Flat Bonnies/ plushies of their own were invited to share photos of them in cool places around the world...This was around the time I went to Las Vegas, NV and Big Sur, CA. I thought, "What the heck! I have nothing to lose!" I carried Flat Maddy with me around, snapped a few pics, and submitted the best photos I took of Flat Maddy at the beach. (Flat Maddy was in my carry-on luggage in Las Vegas also, I was just so busy sight seeing I never got to take her out for photos wahhh )  Anywhoooo, the photo I submitted won 3rd place! The 3rd place prize being an Oopsie and Poopsie gift set! Not to fret, everyone ended up being a winner and also received a cool tote bag, pin, and magnet..I never win anything so I was practically jumping for joy!!! I almost forgot about the whole contest until TODAY! The goodies arrived in the mail a few hours ago hehehe..

So cool! Love the BUNZINGA tote lol

Oopsie&Poopsie gift set with pin and magnet ( "the more people I meet the more I like bunnies")

"Mom, I don't want to pose with DOOTS...grossssss" Not too enthusiastic to take pics today as you can see LOL. That thing on Maddy's head is the paw of her favorite rabbit stuffed animal..she loves to groom and snuggle with it.

The closest thing to a smile that I could get. She's a snooty booty lol!

Check out the other winning photos here: Everyone wins!!!

Until my next post friends, always take care :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday, so with being the beach bum that I we went! This time, Kayser (my bf) and I decided to bring my parents along (they don't get out much for some reason). A favorite place of ours is Monterey,CA which is about 2.5-3 hrs away but there are a lot of sights to see! The plan of attack included Cannery Row (John Steinbeck wrote a novel about this place!), Monterey Bay Aquarium, Old fisherman's warf, and the 17 Mile Drive (it is exactly what it sounds like..but the scenery is amazing!) Since I couldn't bring you all with me, I took some pictures for ya'll to enjoy!

Walking around Cannery Row...(My bunnie sweatshirt was purchased at Forever21 if you would like to buy one for yourself or someone you know ;) )

The "Jelly Experience"

The "Open Sea" Exibit with the peculiar looking sun fish swimming by..

Here's a closer look. My mom said it looks like he's saying "LOL" :o

A Spiny Sea Dragon..


Enough about stupid human adventures! haha where are the fuzzies you ask??? Here they are :)

The above picture is from an e-mail a friend sent me because it reminded her of Ben and Ceelo. B&C can be seen in the picture under it, doing what they do best..being cute and begging for raisins LOL (taken right when I got home).

Maddy was on my bed when I came home! Btw, the fleas are gone! Here she about "nose in the air!" My girl is always mad about something.."Don't you ever leave me alone again MOM!!!" *feet flick*

She jumped off the bed to settle down on the floor.."Mom, I'm having a bad hair day..and I don't care if it's your bday..get that camera out of my face!" As you wish my dear!

Ahhh talk about a warm welcome home..I love it ;) Special hello to my new follower Lorna Appleby who has a wonderful blog that I love to read myself! Thanks to Two Bunny Blog for adding me to their blogroll! As always my dear friends, take care <3

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Darn internet!

For some reason AT&T U-verse was being difficult yesterday..I wanted to show you all this great chocolate bun I got for easter! I just remembered I stashed it away for safe keeping because it was too cute to eat :)

I'm really against impulse buying of animals for easter so here is a PERFECT alternative..on the back is a link where you can name your bunnie, and print out an adoption certificate. So cute! Great idea, and it doesn't contribute to the over crowding of shelters with bunnies, no clean up or feeding necessary either! "MAKE MINE CHOCOLATE!"

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flat Maddy!

Hello readers! I've been meaning to write a blog promoting this awesome little plushie maker in Southern California (LA). I have no idea how I stumbled upon "Flat Bonnie" but the idea is so cute and original, 20% of proceeds go to bunnie affiliated rescues too! Flat Bonnie care taker promotes rabbit awareness! For those who LOVE rabbits, but don't have the means to support one, time to do so, or if rabbits just don't fit into your schedule you can adopt a "Flat Bonnie." They come in all shapes and colors, even customizable if you please! For rabbit parents like myself, you can even get one customized after you're favorite fuzzy :)

TADA!!! Maddy and Flat Maddy!!!

It's worth going over and checking out her etsy, there's a lot of stuff on there from buns, bales of hay, poops, guinea pigs, and chins..there's more that I am not mentioning I'm sure. Here is the link:Flat Bonnie . If you decide to buy, tell them Maddy and Megan sent ya! Until next time, Take care my friends!

P.S. Since I couldn't take Maddy to the beach, Flat Maddy was the next best thing! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Under control!

Hello my friends! Here's a little update, everyone has been treated for their flea  for a week now(including myself) and Maddy is doing extremely well. The vet recommended "Revolution" for kitties and it seemed to do the trick..all the fleas I've picked off have been dead (TAKE THAT!). For the miserable animal slave aka ME, I've been slathering myself with hydrocortisone to help with the itching. Icing my bites helps also. Out of everyone in the house..I'm the lucky one with all the bites. I happen to be very sensitive also, so the bites are the size of quarters! Very attractive! *sigh* Other than that, all is well..everyone is doing good and Marty hasn't tried anything funny again, yet lol.

I was going through my phone and found this funny picture of Maddy laying on the couch...

I hear that "Brazilian Butt Lift" is a really popular workout to get your tushie into shape..This is the "Bunny Booty" version. It makes me laugh every time! Look at her little feet, and how one is ever so slightly hanging off the edge. haha!!! Rabbits are so entertaining...

Budgie and Maddy get along extremely well..and I like how he is looking directly into the camera. They are very photogenic if I do say so myself :)

I'd like to take a moment to say hello to my new followers kellish and Binkies&Flops! Thank you so much for following! As always a thank you to Rachel and Speedy for sending followers my way, you are appreciated! Until next time my friends, take care :)