Monday, April 30, 2012

Tricky Turtles...

This morning I came downstairs like I always do..and went to check on Marty, my red eared slider. I've had him for a year since he was a little bit bigger than a quarter (which I found out was highly illegal!) Sorry. He was no where to be found..not in the tank...not on the floor around the tank. I started throwing everything in sight around, and this little escape artist was hiding under a bag of rabbit bedding (as dry as can be). I wonder how long he was out of the water for? He sure as dried after a little rinse in the sink to take all the lint off of him..back to the tank he went.

Here he is, back in his tank. Forever on the go! I couldn't get a decent picture of him!

Not to be outdone, here's Maddy..lounging around.

I guess this is my version of tortoise and the hare? haha turtle and the lionhead rabbit? Maddy is looking extra ferocious in this picture :) Special hello to Bunny Boy, my new follower! Take care everyone!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clean up clean up..everybody everywhere!

I always tell myself never clean the chinchilla cage, rabbit litter box, bird cage, and turtle tank all in one day...and i never listen to my own advice. Man am i exhausted!!!! Not to mention sprinkling flea control all over the house and sectioning out where Maddy can safely play. Whew..and i still have to do laundry. will it ever end? hahaha probably not, I suppose it will just get worse once i get married and start a family! AHHH. So as of now I am going to enjoy my youth, just me and my little zoo :)

Here are Ben (gray) and Ceelo (white) enjoying time out of their cage..they just went crazy in their dust bath and blew dust everywhere! Which i had to sweep and mop up! I am an animal slave! haha i guess i wouldn't want it any other way. Love these too boogers...

Last Wednesday my parents, kayser and i took a trip to yosemite national park..this was my second time there, but my dad's first. perfect occasion for his first visit since it was his 64th birthday! (he can't wait to retire next year..which it is well deserved!) Here are a few photos:

My parents and I

My bf Kayser and my parents

Another of us

A beautiful waterfall we hiked to :)

Hope everyone enjoyed..and please if you have any friends let them read my far I have only 1follower. Special Hello to Speedy and his mom Rachel!
Take care always!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An exciting day for Maddy!

I just realized that most of these posts are about Maddy! It's not that I have favoritism, so to be fair I will start writing more posts about my other companions here at home...but who knows, the little diva always wants to be the center of attention!


The news is....our friends over at Speedy the Cheeky House Rabbit, Rachel and Speedy sent Maddy a hand knitted scarf last week...AND WE FINALLY RECEIVED IT!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with the color, and Maddy loves it too! She is so interested in new things and she was curious and happy to have a new "toy." Hopefully she will let me put it around her properly soon hehe. Here are a few pictures of the lovely scarf and card :)

She looks so cute! Until she chewed the corner off hehe. Thank you for the sweet card!

Maddy and her scarf next to her activity set...she wouldn't keep still!! She even threw her bowl of pellets everywhere.

This was the best I could do, the kept moving and sniffing and playing with the scarf! She would shake it off and then play toss with it. Silly rabbit!

Maddy and I are absolutely thrilled to have made new friends. Speedy and his Mom! We cannot thank you enough!!!! Maddy is in a bit of a bad mood because of her flea treatment. I've closed her off from my room so I can deep clean everything in there. Poor baby..I will keep updating on the progress :) Once again, Rachel and Speedy THANK YOU all the way from California!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello readers...sorry i've been missing! Bad news..Maddy has fleas and i've been busy brushing her and giving her bunny approved treatments. Called the vet to make sure and he told me exactly what to's not her fault! ...I blame the dog! hehehe..All is well, and she enjoys her hair being picked through. I suppose she thinks she's at the spa. Poor baby :(

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to Reality...

The worst things about vacations is...they end hahaha.

 With that being said, I had an awesome time! One of my great friends from highschool is getting married in June and we headed to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party. Wild and crazy are two words to describe the Vegas night life haha..just walking around is quite an adventure. We stayed at the Flamingo hotel right on the strip..the hotel was big and roomy. This was my first time to Las Vegas and I must say it is a great adventure LOL..I'm not much of a gambler, shopper, or night club dancing kind of person...but we did it all! We even watched the Chippendales show, which was very interesting to say the made me nervous hahaha. Although, I guess it's good to let loose every one in awhile..all that matters is that my friend Natalie had a great time and we all were happy to share that with her!

Here are the few pictures I took in Las Vegas! I was so busy I didn't even get to take more...
Here is one I snapped as we were walking around. There is the Eiffel Tower Hotel, and right next to it the Paris Hotel Globe thing..

The picture above was taken at the Wynn Hotel lobby. They have some really great decorations inside, all the flowers and plants were real..even the hanging ones you see in this pic.

When my flight arrived in Stockton, Kayser picked me up..and off we went to the beaches in Big Sur, CA. It is 20 minutes away from Monterey,CA..I am quite the beach bum although I don't know how to swim very well. I like sitting in the sand and listening to the waves. So relaxing...If you've never been to the beach in CA, I highly recommend you do so. It is some of the best scenery ever..i love the beach! Here are a few pictures of Monterey and Big Sur...
Some different angles of sunsets in Monterey

Big Sur,CA

At Pfieffer Beach in Big Sur..the sand is literally purple. Not the whole beach, but there are places where the sand is purple. The beach is down 2 mile canyon, and it is off the main road. It is secluded and romantic and what else can i isn't everyday you get to see natural purple sand! Awesome!

Needless to say, it is great to be home. I've missed all my fuzzy family members! Until next time my friends..Take care :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Mom is out...

cleaning the stinky chinchilla cage!"

 So while she's outside on a beautiful day..she left me to roam, and here I am alone with the laptop! HELLO WORLD IT'S ME, MADDY! Since it is Easter Sunday tomorrow Mom&Dad took some fancy pictures of me out of the grass yesterday. They even put easter eggs out and they had little treats in them for me. The problem is, rabbit's dont have any thumbs so I guess I never got around to opening them hehe. Oh well, I have mom wrapped around my little tail and with a wiggle of my nose I got just what I wanted. I'm shedding like crazy but Mom brushes me every night so I don't get any clogs in my gut (to put it bluntly). Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday. Hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed taking them (not very much..I just wanted to play!)...I'm gonna be famous one day I tell ya!!! Hehehe, well a girl can dream can't she?  All joking aside Happy Easter to you and yours from all of us here :)

I started out wearing this cute outfit but mom always ruins the fun and took it off. I thought I looked cute..although it kinda makes my butt look fat hehe

She told me to smile, but I don't listen :)

This was before I decided to hop away...

I stuck my tongue out to let mom&dad know how I really feel about taking pictures!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Death by allergies..

The weather has been pretty pleasant these past few days. After my normal visit to the workout studio I decided to bring Maddy out for a little romp around the front yard. Good for her..Bad for me..My nose, and eyes have been paying the price ever since. ALLERGY SEASON is in full affect! To think I would actually learn, but nope, stupid human I amg. Glutton for punishment..I went outside today to take harry for a little walk. I can barely see what I am typing through allergy induced tears. So please, forgive me for any typos, or bad punctuation LOL. These allergies will be the end of me..and not one allergy tablet in the whole house! I'll have to put that on my list of things to buy and mark that IMPORTANT hehe.

Enough about me and my sob is a great picture of Maddy out and about in the yard.

She was very fascinated by the squirrel statue..

That's all for now folks! Until then, always take care of yourselves...Speedy my friend how about a scarf for Maddy too? hehehe..

Monday, April 2, 2012

Introductions Interrupted...

Ok I promise this is the last of the introductions LOL.

In the above post is a picture of my Budgie the parakeet. He came to me after one of my good friends decided she couldn't provide him with the attention that he needed. Budgie loves to sit on his perch and play with swinging disco balls and bells. Occasionally I catch him kissing himself in the mirror and dancing around. He's a cute little guy with the best head bob I've seen haha.

Neneng the Cat:
There she is..hiding behind Maddy with their eyes closed. Last week ago today Neneng got spayed and WHOOO was she grouchy. She is usually in such good spirits but, WOW..she was in such a bad mood when she came home. Anywhoo, she is around 6 months old. We adopted her from my aunt who's own cat had 3 kittens. We consider her very lucky because this house was very anti-cat for a long time..but how that quickly changed. If you are looking for her all you have to do is call her name and she'll come running.


Maddy is my very special lionhead rabbit. She was a gift to me from my bf Kayser for my birthday last year. I couldn't wait until May which is when my bday is so he gave her to me about a month early in April just before easter. I've been in love with her ever since. She has free roam of my room and most of the upstairs area..She is very smart. We started clicker training and she has already learned how to stand on her hind legs, spin around, and high-five on command. (Given treats of course). I always thought that if I were a rabbit, I would be like Maddy. Very relaxed, a super picky eater, sort of a diva, but very smart LOL. Kayser often jokes that I love her more than him, to which I say humans and fuzzies are in two different categories hahaha. I guess that isn't the answer he was looking for. Maddy will be celebrating her one year at home with me on April time flies when you're having fun.

Whew, enough with introductions! Now that I'm finally done I can tell you about the fun stuff...yesterday Kayser and I took Maddy out for a little run in the yard. He took some amazing pictures of her enjoying herself. It was surprisingly easy for me to go scoop her up when it was time to go back in considering she was running like a crazy animal everywhere. Haha next he wants to do an Easter photoshoot with her, easter eggs and is my favorite pic from yesterday...

Such a lovely little lady!!!

I'm looking forward to writing more and maybe getting more followers so I can share my mini zoo with all those willing to read. Maybe I can share my love for them with others who will feel the same...until my next post my friends, take care.