Friday, November 16, 2012

The evolution of a nickname..

what a cute baby!

...and it all started with the name Maddy. A little history on why I chose the name..Nine years ago, back when I was 17 and started dating Kayser he gave me the pet name of "Miss Maddy." I guess it pretty much explains itself. I was a teenager, hormonal, menstrual, crazy, and just plain MAD...ALL of the time hahaha. It's a mystery to me how the guy stayed with me for so long and is still willing to spend the rest of his life with me, he must be crazy too LOL. Anywhooo, the moment I set eyes on her, my world stopped and in hopped the most perfect little ball of fluff rabbit I have ever seen! I just had to love her! I gave her my heart and in turn she frowned upon me and gave me the ugliest stink eye I have ever seen..THAT is when I knew I found my very own Little Miss Maddy. Hahaha..

Now for the evolution part!!!! This is the progression of Maddy's nicknames...enjoy :)

Maddy turned into Madjie. Madjie turned into Madjie Madjer. Madjie Madjer turned into Chi-madjie. Chi-madjie turned into She-madjer. She-madjer turned into Shi-boo. Shi-boo turned into Shi-boom-boom. and Shi-boom-boom is where we are now..and it all ends with a song and dance!

Shi-boom shi-boom (RAMA-LAMA-LAMA-LA) *claps hands*

Maddy doesn't really care for all the singing or dancing and normally glares at me, but she does come when called hahaha.

So my question today for those reading this is : What are some of your buns nicknames? Is there a progression or reasoning? Take care everyone, until next time.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bad habits and naughty rabbits

The clinic I work at opens exactly at 5:00 am...I TRY my best to get there by 4:45 am to help my partner set up. Anyone in their right mind would go to bed early if they worked that early right?...but sadly, I am not in my right mind nor do I have a normal sleeping pattern..2 strikes already hahaha. The last 6 months have been interesting. I've noticed that I'm not the only one in the house who wakes up early. My little Maddy girl has picked up on ny schedule! once my alarm goes off at 3:00 am (snooze button pressed 10 times) I can expect her to hop up on my bed and nudge my left foot. After opening one sleepy eye I can see her glaring at me as she proceeds to jump all over my belly..what a cool way to start my day!, here she is:

1.Trying to bribe Maddy with some hay
2. In full fluffy glory
4. Bad hair day...leave me alone!