Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day!!!!

Happy Gotcha Day to my little love! I've been blessed with 2 yrs of the most wonderful times. Most nights we quietly hang out together on the floor of my room and I laugh to myself because I love her so much. If I feel this way about her then I will be in deep trouble if i ever have a human child. Maddy has given me something to look forward to, a silent constant companionship, and as silly as it sounds opened my heart to new things. In the two years I gave up eating meat, and try to live my life as cruelty free as possible. All thanks to this little fluffy girl..I wish us many more years together and if possible many years flea of fleas (that was a horrendous experience for her and my skin). Thank you to all who read our blog and have opened their hearts to Maddy also. Today calls for a celebration..everyone is invited!!!



  1. YAY for Maddy and Megan!!!!! Every rabbit parent tells the same having a rabbit changed their outlook on life that lead to a change of habits and lifestyle. Amen!!!

  2. Woohoo!Happy Gotcha Day Maddy and Megan!Lets get the Party Started!Here's a carrotiny to many more!xx Speedy and Rachel

  3. Happy Bunniversary from me and Mr. Mick! :D

  4. The day the buns come into our life definitely needs to be celebrated! Happy "Birthday!" to Maddie!

  5. Hello Meagan & Maddy: WE just read Speedy's blog about you & Maddy & wanted to introduce ourselves!!! Nylablue my Birman/Siamese & I are avid bunny lovers & we love Lionheads especially!!! Bunnies do make us take stock of ourselves in a far deeper way than other 4 leggeds!!
    We want to wish Maddy a Happy 2nd Birthday!!! We hope you don't mind if we follow your blog....
    Sincerely from Canada, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue "Sweet Feet".

  6. Lionheads are the Napoleons of the bunny world.. ;)

    Happy gotcha day, Maddy! Two years of human training and you've probably got years more work ahead of you. Phew, its a lot of work for a little bunny, but I know you're up to it!

  7. Happy Gotcha Day, Maddy!

    Nubbin wiggles,