Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Under control!

Hello my friends! Here's a little update, everyone has been treated for their flea  for a week now(including myself) and Maddy is doing extremely well. The vet recommended "Revolution" for kitties and it seemed to do the trick..all the fleas I've picked off have been dead (TAKE THAT!). For the miserable animal slave aka ME, I've been slathering myself with hydrocortisone to help with the itching. Icing my bites helps also. Out of everyone in the house..I'm the lucky one with all the bites. I happen to be very sensitive also, so the bites are the size of quarters! Very attractive! *sigh* Other than that, all is well..everyone is doing good and Marty hasn't tried anything funny again, yet lol.

I was going through my phone and found this funny picture of Maddy laying on the couch...

I hear that "Brazilian Butt Lift" is a really popular workout to get your tushie into shape..This is the "Bunny Booty" version. It makes me laugh every time! Look at her little feet, and how one is ever so slightly hanging off the edge. haha!!! Rabbits are so entertaining...

Budgie and Maddy get along extremely well..and I like how he is looking directly into the camera. They are very photogenic if I do say so myself :)

I'd like to take a moment to say hello to my new followers kellish and Binkies&Flops! Thank you so much for following! As always a thank you to Rachel and Speedy for sending followers my way, you are appreciated! Until next time my friends, take care :)


  1. Sigh...I just love Maddy shes adorable and Budgie is looking cool too.
    You're welcome we like to Speedy and Rachel

  2. *waving* Helloooooooo!! And it is MY pleasure, Megan! And by the way, Maddy with her little footie hanging over the edge of the sofa almost made me faint from all the dang cuteness.

    : ) x