Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Over Due!

Well, well, finally time to post. Things have calmed down quite a bit with the commuting, only to have a crazy unpredictable internet connection mess me up haha. Not much to say except, "GET WELL SOON SPEEDY!" Glad you're well on your way to a "speedy" recovery hahaha. Excuse the lame joke hahahaha.

After reading Lorna's Bunny Fiction story...I just HAD to. Lol it was kinda hard to find my cap, since I only wore it once for graduation..Here is Maddy, RN (Rabbit Nurse).

After a hard days work she promptly changed into her "vacation" hat..just as fast as I could put it on, she threw it off haha. I'm lucky to even have this picture to share!

Here she is looking much like a cross between a teddy bear and an ewok?? No idea what Harry is looking at, he should have been more aware of the rabbit behind him...right after this picture was taken Maddy pushed him off the chair :)

Hopefully the internet will be nice to me this week so I can update more. Take care my friends!