Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday, so with being the beach bum that I we went! This time, Kayser (my bf) and I decided to bring my parents along (they don't get out much for some reason). A favorite place of ours is Monterey,CA which is about 2.5-3 hrs away but there are a lot of sights to see! The plan of attack included Cannery Row (John Steinbeck wrote a novel about this place!), Monterey Bay Aquarium, Old fisherman's warf, and the 17 Mile Drive (it is exactly what it sounds like..but the scenery is amazing!) Since I couldn't bring you all with me, I took some pictures for ya'll to enjoy!

Walking around Cannery Row...(My bunnie sweatshirt was purchased at Forever21 if you would like to buy one for yourself or someone you know ;) )

The "Jelly Experience"

The "Open Sea" Exibit with the peculiar looking sun fish swimming by..

Here's a closer look. My mom said it looks like he's saying "LOL" :o

A Spiny Sea Dragon..


Enough about stupid human adventures! haha where are the fuzzies you ask??? Here they are :)

The above picture is from an e-mail a friend sent me because it reminded her of Ben and Ceelo. B&C can be seen in the picture under it, doing what they do best..being cute and begging for raisins LOL (taken right when I got home).

Maddy was on my bed when I came home! Btw, the fleas are gone! Here she about "nose in the air!" My girl is always mad about something.."Don't you ever leave me alone again MOM!!!" *feet flick*

She jumped off the bed to settle down on the floor.."Mom, I'm having a bad hair day..and I don't care if it's your bday..get that camera out of my face!" As you wish my dear!

Ahhh talk about a warm welcome home..I love it ;) Special hello to my new follower Lorna Appleby who has a wonderful blog that I love to read myself! Thanks to Two Bunny Blog for adding me to their blogroll! As always my dear friends, take care <3


  1. I'm always happy to steal my friends' and blogger mates' bunnies and write them in silly stories. *Sneaks Maddy some craisins*

    Poor abused bun.. left alone ALL day when you could have been home being ignored by her! The nerve.

  2. Hooray for Happy Birthdays and fun days out and about!!! :D And don't worry, Maddy, Mommi still loves you - she just needed some time to celebrate the b-day with her hu-mons. *wink, wink* xo!

  3. Looks like you had a great birthday and looks like Maddy enjoyed her day out with Mr Mick ,me and the rest of the gang!lol Speedy and Rachel