Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winner, winner..veggie dinner?!!

A couple of days ago I posted about a certain, "Flat Bonnie." This cute little flat plushie celebrated her first birthday in March and her care taker/ maker decided to have a photo contest to honor it! Basically the contest ran from the end of March to mid April and those with Flat Bonnies/ plushies of their own were invited to share photos of them in cool places around the world...This was around the time I went to Las Vegas, NV and Big Sur, CA. I thought, "What the heck! I have nothing to lose!" I carried Flat Maddy with me around, snapped a few pics, and submitted the best photos I took of Flat Maddy at the beach. (Flat Maddy was in my carry-on luggage in Las Vegas also, I was just so busy sight seeing I never got to take her out for photos wahhh )  Anywhoooo, the photo I submitted won 3rd place! The 3rd place prize being an Oopsie and Poopsie gift set! Not to fret, everyone ended up being a winner and also received a cool tote bag, pin, and magnet..I never win anything so I was practically jumping for joy!!! I almost forgot about the whole contest until TODAY! The goodies arrived in the mail a few hours ago hehehe..

So cool! Love the BUNZINGA tote lol

Oopsie&Poopsie gift set with pin and magnet ( "the more people I meet the more I like bunnies")

"Mom, I don't want to pose with DOOTS...grossssss" Not too enthusiastic to take pics today as you can see LOL. That thing on Maddy's head is the paw of her favorite rabbit stuffed animal..she loves to groom and snuggle with it.

The closest thing to a smile that I could get. She's a snooty booty lol!

Check out the other winning photos here: Everyone wins!!!

Until my next post friends, always take care :)


  1. NICE one, Megan! Congrats on all your fun prizes - I am SO tickled by the Oopsie & Poopsie plushies! Teehee!
    ; ) x