Saturday, May 5, 2012

Darn internet!

For some reason AT&T U-verse was being difficult yesterday..I wanted to show you all this great chocolate bun I got for easter! I just remembered I stashed it away for safe keeping because it was too cute to eat :)

I'm really against impulse buying of animals for easter so here is a PERFECT alternative..on the back is a link where you can name your bunnie, and print out an adoption certificate. So cute! Great idea, and it doesn't contribute to the over crowding of shelters with bunnies, no clean up or feeding necessary either! "MAKE MINE CHOCOLATE!"


  1. Well you got there in the end and it is to cute to eat,great idea.Snuggles to Maddy and the Speedy and Rachel

  2. THAT is brilliant...LOVE! Happy Sunday, Maddy & Megan & Co.!
    ; ) x

  3. Happy Birthday!Megan hope have a lovely day!

  4. You have been added to our blogroll!

    Nico, Piper, Tokki & Yoshi

  5. Thank you so much Rachel and Speedy! It means so much to me..even some of my real family forgot LOL!!