Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flat Maddy!

Hello readers! I've been meaning to write a blog promoting this awesome little plushie maker in Southern California (LA). I have no idea how I stumbled upon "Flat Bonnie" but the idea is so cute and original, 20% of proceeds go to bunnie affiliated rescues too! Flat Bonnie care taker promotes rabbit awareness! For those who LOVE rabbits, but don't have the means to support one, time to do so, or if rabbits just don't fit into your schedule you can adopt a "Flat Bonnie." They come in all shapes and colors, even customizable if you please! For rabbit parents like myself, you can even get one customized after you're favorite fuzzy :)

TADA!!! Maddy and Flat Maddy!!!

It's worth going over and checking out her etsy, there's a lot of stuff on there from buns, bales of hay, poops, guinea pigs, and chins..there's more that I am not mentioning I'm sure. Here is the link:Flat Bonnie . If you decide to buy, tell them Maddy and Megan sent ya! Until next time, Take care my friends!

P.S. Since I couldn't take Maddy to the beach, Flat Maddy was the next best thing! :)


  1. Holy guacamole that is TOO dang cute! And you're Flat Maddy looks like MADDY! Yay! I'm ordering one tonight!
    : ) xo!

  2. Fabulous but I wonder what Maddy thinks about flat Maddy...hmm...I'm sure Maddy has a plot forming as we Speedy and Rachel

  3. I wonder what a Flat Speedy would look like?To hard for me to find out from England.So has Maddy trashed the Flat Maddy yet?

  4. LOL Rachel, to answer your question..Maddy chewed off the "Flat Bonnie" tag that was sewn on the plushie..she likes to toss her around a bit too haha. Maddy is such a bully :)