Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello everyone, sorry I've been missing for awhile..I've been busy at work. My job had me commuting back and forth to a clinic 1.5 hrs away from home for the duration that I was missing. Did I mention work starts at 0445? So I must leave my house at 0345 to make it on time..Going to sleep late and waking up early really wiped me out. Maddy, of course, just thinks I'm lazy lol. Here's a little video I put to gether with a random "sample song" that was pre-loaded onto my lap top. Most of the pictures have been featured in previous posts, but I hope you all don't mind seeing them again.

Until the next time my friends!


  1. No such thing as seeing a bunny picture too many times.. especially when its in with the live action of your diva. :)

  2. Beautiful! And I agree with Lorna: no such thing as seeing bun pics too many times. Hope your work week eases up! Pet that sweet fluff bun for me! ; ) x

  3. wow that girl can leap!Speedy and mum and dad are back home from their adventures!