Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Greetings everyone, so sorry for the delay in between posts...I have been commuting for work still, and it has been a very draining 2 weeks. My boss has assured me that my schedule will not be as hectic next week. There hasn't been that much excitement around the house, but with that being said I've snapped just a few pictures to show all of you. I'm sure everyone loves Maddy as much as I do hehe...and if you don't, I'm sure she will demand your heart! hahaha. Take care my friends..more to come soon :)

Here she is on the couch in her favorite about couch potato lol

Maddy with Ben and Ceelo in the back...she loves watching them go crazy

Baby Marty

Marty now..I have to be careful next time because he bit my finger after this photo.

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  1. Such cute photo's of Maddy but that was very naughty of Marty to bite you finger,but I guess thats turtles for you.Have you seen Lorna's post on the second half of the hockey game story?Hope you have a relaxing weekend after a hectic time at work