Friday, June 15, 2012


Since my mom is lazy here I am, MADDY! I don't really know what she was talking about..something about being tired and commuting..blahblah whatever "commuting" is, I don't think she enjoys how I am with washing my feet! Yesterday mom soaked my feet in the sink because I stepped in wet poo..she said it wouldn't hurt BUT she didn't say that I would have to get my feet wet! THE NERVE! Of course, being the bunny I am, I flipped out so she would take me out hehehe. easily manipulated. Anywhoooo, I just wated to let you guys know that eveything is fine and dandy here. The weather has been HOT..but mom let's me lay next to frozen water bottles and she wets the back of my ears to keep me cool. Have you guys been able to check out my friend Speedy's blog? His mum (in my best English accent) is giving away two very fashionable scarves. I, of course, loovveee the pink one but mom said that I shouldn't be so greedy and to give others a chance...pshhh. SO, with that being said..if you haven't entered the give-away, go check out Speedy's blog and do it!!! I'm gonna go hide under the pillow on the couch now..hehe I like hiding from mom, the look on her face when she starts to freak out is soOoo funny. Toodles my friends!

You can have your own scarf like me compliments of Speedy and his mom!

This is how not to wear your Speedy the fashion police!

I love my mom..even if she washes my feet, cuts my nails, and rips my fur out with that evil brush!


  1. Gosh, Maddy.. It must be so much work to be so adorably perfect at all times!

  2. you never know theres always Christmas Maddy!

  3. Hi Maddy you have just been award an award for the one lovely blog,come and see!