Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy as a bunny...

Will it ever slow down??? Hello everyone, sorry I've been missing for awhile..the commuting is ongoing, but hopefully next week it will slow down. They have hired a new nurse to fill that position, I guess paying my mileage wasn't worth it anymore hehehe. The extra $$$ was nice while it lasted. Anywhooo, nothing much going on here...all of your fluffy faced, feathery winged, and cold scaled friends are doing great!!! Maddy now has her own room, but still sneaks into mine and somehow makes both rooms a mess. LOL for the most part she is PRETTY good about using her litter box..on good days haha. Last weekend, my friends got married! Proud to say that i was the one who introduced them, The wedding was beautiful...and they looked like the two happiest people on the face of the are a few photos from that day:

My friend Julie, Natalie the bride, and I (Idk why i look so tanned lol)

The bride and i having some fun in the photobooth LOLLL

Enough about me!!!! Where is Maddy you ask??? She's busy chasing cats!!! Hope you all enjoy! Have a great weekend! Oh and for all you smartphone (iphone/android) users...look for me on Instagram, username: m@ygon3

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  1. way to go Maddy!looks like you had fun too Megan