Monday, April 2, 2012

Introductions Interrupted...

Ok I promise this is the last of the introductions LOL.

In the above post is a picture of my Budgie the parakeet. He came to me after one of my good friends decided she couldn't provide him with the attention that he needed. Budgie loves to sit on his perch and play with swinging disco balls and bells. Occasionally I catch him kissing himself in the mirror and dancing around. He's a cute little guy with the best head bob I've seen haha.

Neneng the Cat:
There she is..hiding behind Maddy with their eyes closed. Last week ago today Neneng got spayed and WHOOO was she grouchy. She is usually in such good spirits but, WOW..she was in such a bad mood when she came home. Anywhoo, she is around 6 months old. We adopted her from my aunt who's own cat had 3 kittens. We consider her very lucky because this house was very anti-cat for a long time..but how that quickly changed. If you are looking for her all you have to do is call her name and she'll come running.


Maddy is my very special lionhead rabbit. She was a gift to me from my bf Kayser for my birthday last year. I couldn't wait until May which is when my bday is so he gave her to me about a month early in April just before easter. I've been in love with her ever since. She has free roam of my room and most of the upstairs area..She is very smart. We started clicker training and she has already learned how to stand on her hind legs, spin around, and high-five on command. (Given treats of course). I always thought that if I were a rabbit, I would be like Maddy. Very relaxed, a super picky eater, sort of a diva, but very smart LOL. Kayser often jokes that I love her more than him, to which I say humans and fuzzies are in two different categories hahaha. I guess that isn't the answer he was looking for. Maddy will be celebrating her one year at home with me on April time flies when you're having fun.

Whew, enough with introductions! Now that I'm finally done I can tell you about the fun stuff...yesterday Kayser and I took Maddy out for a little run in the yard. He took some amazing pictures of her enjoying herself. It was surprisingly easy for me to go scoop her up when it was time to go back in considering she was running like a crazy animal everywhere. Haha next he wants to do an Easter photoshoot with her, easter eggs and is my favorite pic from yesterday...

Such a lovely little lady!!!

I'm looking forward to writing more and maybe getting more followers so I can share my mini zoo with all those willing to read. Maybe I can share my love for them with others who will feel the same...until my next post my friends, take care.

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  1. What a lovely mini zoo!but I have to say that maddie is my favorite but then I am a Bun