Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Death by allergies..

The weather has been pretty pleasant these past few days. After my normal visit to the workout studio I decided to bring Maddy out for a little romp around the front yard. Good for her..Bad for me..My nose, and eyes have been paying the price ever since. ALLERGY SEASON is in full affect! To think I would actually learn, but nope, stupid human I amg. Glutton for punishment..I went outside today to take harry for a little walk. I can barely see what I am typing through allergy induced tears. So please, forgive me for any typos, or bad punctuation LOL. These allergies will be the end of me..and not one allergy tablet in the whole house! I'll have to put that on my list of things to buy and mark that IMPORTANT hehe.

Enough about me and my sob is a great picture of Maddy out and about in the yard.

She was very fascinated by the squirrel statue..

That's all for now folks! Until then, always take care of yourselves...Speedy my friend how about a scarf for Maddy too? hehehe..

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  1. Hi Megan and Maddy my mum has nearly finish my scarf so I shall be able to show it off,but I'm sure I can sweet snuggle her around to knitting another one for Maddy!Maddy look's great out in the garden.