Thursday, April 26, 2012

An exciting day for Maddy!

I just realized that most of these posts are about Maddy! It's not that I have favoritism, so to be fair I will start writing more posts about my other companions here at home...but who knows, the little diva always wants to be the center of attention!


The news is....our friends over at Speedy the Cheeky House Rabbit, Rachel and Speedy sent Maddy a hand knitted scarf last week...AND WE FINALLY RECEIVED IT!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with the color, and Maddy loves it too! She is so interested in new things and she was curious and happy to have a new "toy." Hopefully she will let me put it around her properly soon hehe. Here are a few pictures of the lovely scarf and card :)

She looks so cute! Until she chewed the corner off hehe. Thank you for the sweet card!

Maddy and her scarf next to her activity set...she wouldn't keep still!! She even threw her bowl of pellets everywhere.

This was the best I could do, the kept moving and sniffing and playing with the scarf! She would shake it off and then play toss with it. Silly rabbit!

Maddy and I are absolutely thrilled to have made new friends. Speedy and his Mom! We cannot thank you enough!!!! Maddy is in a bit of a bad mood because of her flea treatment. I've closed her off from my room so I can deep clean everything in there. Poor baby..I will keep updating on the progress :) Once again, Rachel and Speedy THANK YOU all the way from California!!!


  1. Speedy plays with his in the same way,he picks it up and throws it around then takes a hold of it and runs around the kitchen with it..Heeheehee

  2. Awww how FUN! My bun, Twinkle, has a little hand towel that she does the same thing with! Love these shots of's to her super quick recovery from flea aggravation, too.

    *hugs from So Cal!*
    ; ) xo!

    1. Thanks binkiesandflops! Maddy is doing better! We hope to make it to SoCal one day..disneyland!!! Hugs from NorCal :)

  3. And from further up the coast in beaaaautiful British Columbia.. :)

    Maddy deserves the spotlight as not only a bunny, but a beautiful scarf wearing bunny. Just ask her, I'm sure she'll agree! :)