Saturday, March 31, 2012

The rain has been off and on all day today. Perfect to catch up on a few winks of sleep and some great animal introductions. Better late than never I suppose...All of you have met Harry a couple posts below. Here is the rest of my cute/crazy bunch:

Marty The Red Ear Slider:

This is Marty, he is about to celebrate his one year being at home with me. He was the size of a silver dollar when i got him. The original name i gave him was Myrtle. When I discovered he as actually a male, his name got switched to Marty, the turtle formally known ad Myrtle LOL. He loves to eat, swim, and walk around the yard on hot days. His favorite thing to do is stretch out and bask in some warm UVB rays haha. I am very impressed with this little guy..he is very hearty and is not affraid to bite anything that sticks their fingers into his tank.

Ben and Ceelo:

Ben is Gray, and Ceelo is white. These little chinchilla boys came to me from one of my boyfriend's family friends. They were looking to rehome them immediately and somehow, somewhere, the stars aligned and I got a text from my bf (kayser) asking if I was willing and able to take them in. Long story short, these two lucky boys came to me in the middle of the night and I've been in love with them ever since. The only thing I can complain about was the lack of research I was able to do in preparation for them. WARNING: Chins poop around every 5 seconds hahaha. With all the pellet poopies aside, these two boys are the best of friends. You can find them huddle next to eachother or playing. Ben is more passive while Ceelo is more mischevous. They beg for raisins and it's hard to pass them up, but they are only limited to 3 little sweet treats a week. I love watching them take dust's the strangest most intruiging ritual hahaha.


Anywho..Sorry i have to cut it short. Will continue tomorrow...Big shout out to my first follower : Speedy the Cheeky Bunny!!!

Until next time my friends..take care.


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  1. Your furry friends and not so furry one sound lots of fun,can't wait to hear some more!