Sunday, August 25, 2013

waiting game...

Hello everyone. I'm at work so I have a bit of time to myself to update you all. There isn't really much of a change in Maddy's condition. She is peeing and it is quite clear, I attributed that to all the fluids I've been pushing. She even will drink from the teeniest syringe I have without me forcing her. I have mixed feelings about that..I'm happy she is willing to drink, but kinda sad that she is so thirsty and can't do anything about it without my help. I leave the crock out for her full of fresh water but she seems too weak to even get out of her litter box where she's been hanging out for the last day. She just can't seem to get comfortable..always fidgeting about. Through all of this she hasn't had any teeth grinding at all. The loss of weight and that bulge inside is just making her quite uncomfortable. One good thing I can say is, the poops look bigger and rounder...and the pee is flowing...

She is being kept warm in a quiet area of the house. I go bother her to give her the syringe feedings and some love. She's such a good girl, I know she wants to eat and drink on her own but she just feels so icky.  I miss my chubby girl. She weighed in on Friday at 3.09lbs bones and all. Brandi, I read your comment late last night so I wasn't able to get to the store. I will try your organic pumpkin suggestion today. I will try anything at this point...

Tomorrow is the big day and I have a confession to make. I am so scared.I the fear of the unknown!!! What if this, and what if that...and I KNOW i shouldn't get ahead of myself..but vets and human doctors alike give you the worst case scenario first.. and I feel guilty for even thinking WHAT IF? I try not think or talk about it so I won't give it any power..but ugh...this is my baby we are talking about. I am 27 years old, no human children..only my rabbit. I'd be lying if I said she's not all I'm thinking about every second I'm away from her..I'm trying not to cry as I type this because my patients would look at me weird lol. Is it selfish to think about myself? I'm a nurse as a living..and I can't even take care of my own child, and here I am taking care of people who just squander their lives away with drugs and alcohol. Sorry, it's just all rambling right now. I've probably had 3 hours of good sleep since Thursday. Excuse my psychotic behavior lol.

Maddy is NOT just a rabbit, she is my fuzzy daughter. She is the reason I laugh, the source of my tears (these days). I've always been an animal lover, I thought I was a dog person..until Maddy hopped into my heart. I owe the way I live my life to her..I stopped eating meat, I started a monthly donation to our local chapter of HRS. I have been OVERWHELMED with all the kindness we have been showed at this stressful time..I promise all of you that I have read every single word maybe 2, 9, even 5 million times over and over again. We definitely feel all the love and I know God hears us. This experience is all so humbling, and it is SO comforting that I don't have to go through it alone because of all of you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for loving Maddy, thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, positive vibes, well wishes, but most of all..THANK YOU for just being you (yes you, reading this) for caring enough to care about a girl and her rabbit.  I hope you will all be blessed a thousand fold.

Monday, we're coming for you....



  1. Pee and poop are good things. Wonderful things. God-sent things!!! If her poops are improving, she is improving. And the reason she does not drink out of her crock is because she WANTS YOU to serve her. I promise. That is what she wants. She is enjoying her pampering. If it were bladder stones, she would be peeing blood, grinding her teeth and craning her neck in pain almost constantly. She would also be tightening her body with every bladder contraction. I wonder if the mass in her tummy is a hairball or something the little stinker ate while chewing destructively, like maybe carpet fiber or stuffing or plastic. I will keep praying my daily rosary for her til she is back to her ornery piss and vinegar lionhead self.
    All of us rabbit people know exactly how you feel about Maddy. Rabbits change lives.

  2. ((Hugs)) We're here with you, every second.

  3. Hey Megan,You're allowed to be scared I was Practically crapping my self before Speedy's surgery and the whole time till I had the call to say he was ok because I new that alsorts of things can go wrong with that surgery and even after I had the call there was still stuff that could have gone wrong but look at him now almost back to normal and the pain meds pretty much stopped,Maddy is going to be ok I have a good feeling cause she's a fighter,I do have one recomendation for tomorrow get a pack of fresh cut Parsley and tell the nurse to give it to her when shes awake because that will the easiest thing for her to eat and will stimulate her gut in to wanting food Thats what I did for Speedy and it was the first thing he ate as soon as he was awake,there was a female bun there that had surgery of some kind and it took her longer to start eating I believe they had to give critical care in the end to get her going,We love you both and we will be with you every second in Spirit,xx Rachel and Speedy