Thursday, August 22, 2013

my poor girl

Maddy is suffering again again from tummy troubles. All the things i did the last time are not working. i stayed up with her all night syringing her critical care and she pooped out these tiny hard pebbles. she looks so sad and uncomfortable it breaks my heart. i couldnt wait to get off work today, unfortunately nothing has changed..we have a vet appointment in less than an hour. wish our girl luck..she has lost a considerable amount of weight since i can actually feel and see her spine. all the fur was masking it until now. i am in hysterics, but will remain calm...for now. please anyone and everyone, join me in sending maddy some healing vibes and sending a prayer out to whom ever you pray to. thank you...will try to update as soon as anything comes up.


  1. How is Maddy? Now you got me all super worried. I have the same dang problems at least every other month or so with my lionhead girl! I just don't understand. Maybe in the breeding of these bunnies a bad gene caused their little tummies to be TOO little, or too short or too long...I am praying for Miss Maddy in earnest. Poor little thing. When she recovers, give her lots of oats and alfalfa hay to fatten her back up.

  2. Please get well soon Maddy,you're my girl you do know that don't you?Love you lots Sweet bunny Chicks,xx Speedy