Sunday, August 25, 2013

i almost shit myself (please excuse my language)

i left a couple pellets out for maddy on top of a napkin on the off chance she would want any...i swear if i didnt see it myself i wouldnt believe it. the little brat ate about 3-5 and then laid back down in her litter box. God is so good..and that is just the sign i needed. i know she'll be alright. Everyone, please keep doing what you all are doing because maddy is feeling the love and prayers right now. also, keep dr. ayres in your prayers too so that God's hands may guide him as he cares for little miss maddy. we'll see ya in the morning...again thank you all for being here with me. i dont feel alone...



  1. Eating is always a good sign--continuing good thoughts for continued success!

    1. Hi jade and Mr. Mick...I am also glad to report maddy ate her critical care without force :)

  2. Doin' binkies and flops here for our girlbaby!!!

  3. WooHoo Yeah Baby Girl!Keep fighting the good fight,You're my Girl,xx Speedy

  4. We are still sending good and get well thoughts to you xxx

  5. I've been waiting all day to hear how Maddy's dr. appointment went! Hope the prognosis is good.