Friday, August 23, 2013

not really an update..

I stayed up with Maddy giving her critical care and she fought me all the way. Our regular vet said that it wasn't a blockage..the GI system has slowed due to being "squashed" in the corner by whatever that big mass is. The mass he said looks to be like it is fluid, and asked me if she has peed because it may have something to do with her bladder. She normally pees on car rides and yesterday she didn't. I'm going to demand that we be seen today so I'll let you all know. Her poop has been coming out still smaller and size, but a little watery and stuck to her booty.

I've been massaging her and have given her some simethicone. She looks like she has perked up a bit. Went to go grab some pizza last night to cheer me up and my mom said she took a few bites of hay. I know my girl is trying to get better, but that damn thing is HUGE. Keep her in your thoughts...

Thanks to Brandi, Jade, Rachel, and Speedy...the support means more to me than you'll ever know. I'm hysterical...


  1. if its her bladder she could have bladder stones my last bunny had that and they have to live with it ,you need to do an ultra sound on her bladder to see them she may be trying to pass one and its stuck if its a bit big.keep massage her tummy in the bladder area as it may dislodge and allow her to pee,but she may need surgery to remove a big one if it is that,but it is tricky,we love you both,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Keeping you in our prayers. Love to you and Maddy.
    Karen, Jensen, BC

  3. Megan, please read this :
    You are doing the right things, the article can help when you speak with Maddy's vet.

  4. ((Hug)) Wish I had some advice, but all I got is love and vibes!