Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sad good byes..

Hello all! As many of us bunny/animal lovers know..we humans have the misfortune of out living our beloved fuzzy friends. Why can't they just live forever!? As with our group of bunny blogs, I also have an instagram where there is a WIDE array of bunny enthusiasts..from every corner of the world. I check every day and my feed is full of rabbits off all colors, shapes, and sizes. These pictures often make or break my day..I never believed in on-line love..that was until I got attached to these daily bunny updates. It's weird how you can get attached to somebun you've never even met. Now for the title of this blog..

I was randomly searching instagram for pictures of cute bunnys to like and came across the account of a young girl from an Asian country (I'm not sure which). The story was this, the girl had to go away to school for a month. So she took the liberty of boarding her bun Luigi (Lui) at the local petstore in the meantime. Lui was a beautiful boy, a white lionhead with black markings. The girl came back to her city earlier than scheduled only to find that the petstore was closed. No sign of the petshop sign of Lui..of course she freaked out. A neighborhood man approached her and said that the man who owned the store closed up shop and ran further details. The good news was that before the shop owner left, he gave the neighbor the rabbit with the instructions to  give him back to the girl upon her return. You could only imagine her relief!!! Cool, they were reunited right?? All was fine and dandy until she saw the condition of poor Lui. He was returned to her with some kind of bacterial infection..

Crusty nose, crusty eyes, crusty ears. OMG, the pictures of him were enough to bring tears to my eyes. Not to fret, Lui and his mommy would fight this infection together..and that they did. I followed his story, quietly rooting for Lui to make a full recovery. He was just the sweetest thing, playful, full of kisses. Slowly with love and time his condition improved, until early this week..Lui took a turn for the worse. I felt so bad for his mom, she tried everything in her power to help him...but sadly, Lui passed away 10/26/12. And just as rabbits quietly hop into our lives, he hopped his way over the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace Lui, I hope you are happy where ever you are. I imagine you in full fluffy mode and, so happy. Your time on earth may have been short, but it was enough to make a dent in my heart.



  1. :'(

    I have two buns who are already over the RBB. Most recently, Moshi crossed over because of illness.

    It was heartbreaking and I do hate that we outlive them. I look at Jamili and Ashy and know one day I'll have to say goodbye to them... In the meantime, the get all the love I can give.

  2. So sad,I have had two buns cross the rainbow bridge too first Caramel then Thumper,Maybe its time to tell his story.But in the mean time Speedy gets extra cuddles

  3. That is heartbreaking. I think losing a pet hurts more than losing a human sometimes.