Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Hello all! The weather in my area of California turned to the cooler, gloomy side. No rain yet, but it is expected Mon-Weds. YES! I am a big fan of cooler seasons..winter is my favorite. As for today, Maddy and I are relaxing. Glad to have tomorrow off..I am going to kill myself one day trying to work so many days and saving up for a wedding will be the end of it haha.anywhoo enough ramblings..enjoy these pictures!!

The top photo is of Kayser and I at Baker Beach in San Francisco. If you look very closely under the Golden Gate Bridge..there is a nude man walking around hahaha. we both had noidea nudists were allowed was a very awkward experience for me. The bottom photo is at China town, SF. The rest of the pics below were taken randomly today. Take care my friends !!!


  1. Great photos as always Megan hope you had a great easy sunday,me I cooked for the family..roast Chicken

  2. HI Megan and "me"! Thanks a billion for following my blog! That is ONE FREAKIN' ADORABLE Lionhead princess you got there! I am very partial to lionheads.

  3. Megan, been going over your blog and it is SO freakin' cute! Maddy is adorable and I love her animal friends. What a happy house.
    You mentioned that she seems to not like you. Is she spayed? Seriously, most lionhead females are just like that. It is a trait of the lionhead breed, actually. THey have serious conceited attitudes. From what I see, she both likes and trusts you. The reason I say this is her body language. Look at her froggy, stretch out, relaxed and bright eyed (when you can see her eyes). She is a very happy bunny. Don't worry about the binkies. My Mean Girl has binkied MAYBE five times in the year and a half I have had her and I have had her since she was a tiny baby. That is just the lionhead for you. ALthough I understand the males are a lot more social and snuggly. Strange, isn't it?

    1. Hey Brandi! Thanks so much for checking my blog's my goal to update more frequently, but that doesn't always work out. I'm replying to you from "work" haha. To answer your question, Maddy is spayed. I was hoping she would be less hormonal and nicer..nope, still the same diva bun. Haha she has a mind of her own. Like yesterday, she decides to cuddle next to the cat on the couch. Aww, cute right? Then the next day she's chasing the cat all over my room trying to box her in the face LOL! Idk about that girl, but she is very spoiled, and very loved. One day I hope to take her to the local division of HRS to pick out a bf :)