Friday, April 19, 2013

Trick or Treat..just give me the treat dangit!

so here's a little video of some tricks Maddy can do...(if she feels like it). What a cutie! Now if Jingle would listen to me..that dog is crazy!!! I am an insomniac, hence the late post..and i spend a lot of time on youtube and one night i ended up on a video on clicker training for rabbits. After trying just a handfull of times, Maddy caught on super quick, smart little fluff! As I said, she only does her tricks IF she is in the right mood and IF she can be persuaded by a treat..otherwise forget it! Don't mind my fat leg at the end of the video..haha. Also, I am posting this from my phone so hopefully it works! -M


  1. Your leg isn't fat - we all know that Maddy is the epitomy of small and danity and just makes it look that way in comparison. :)

    I'm currently at the boyfriends and cat sitting his three cats.. Sammy Cat is sitting on my laptop (I'm typing around her) and offers her sympathy to Maddy at being made to "perform" just for a lousy treat. She'll send some kibble or something ASAP.

    ("I don't think bunnies eat kibble, Sammy.." "Oh, good, more for me.")

  2. Well we always knew Maddy was a smart cookie...hehehe Speedy and Rachel

  3. Umbra gives kisses with out treats, but if shes not in a good mood I just get a nose bump. She also knows "go to your room" but she won't if she doesn't feel like it... or she will go to the room get her treat and then leave again.

  4. That absolutely made my day.