Sunday, September 2, 2012

no words..just pictures (silent sunday)


  1. A few things..

    My mom's birds have that same toy.

    I love the little bunny in front of the fan. That's totally my Umbra.

    Also, what is up with cats and sinks? lol

  2. That toy is his favorite..I often catch him bobbing his head and shaking the bells when he hears music haha. He's a happy bird..Maddy loves staying cool too, the summer in CA is brutal but she always finds a way to stay cool..even if that means hogging the fan lol. Umbra is a smart girl!! I have no clue why cats like to hang out in sinks..she's the first cat we've ever had..she's so weird, I don't understand cats haha.

    1. I have a pic of my old cat in a sink as a kitten. I like maybe because sinks are cat shaped? lol

  3. A happy fuzzy family,totally love the Maddy photos,cat is just keeping cool is all,and the sink is kinda a comfy shape too!Give that cute bunny of your a big kiss from Speedy and me!